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The best way to get an impression of the possibilities of MouselabWEB is to have a look at the demo pages, which will walk you through some mock-up experimental pages. The demo is based on the walkthrough section of the manual, which actually will show you how you can generate these demo pages yourself.

Try it out

The demo experiment consists of three pages.

Page 1: Introduction screen with practice page for MouselabWEB boxes

Page 2: Camera example, showing all the important features of a mouselabWEB (complex counterbalancing, headers, choice buttons)

Page 3: Page without mouselabWEB structure, presenting just a scale.

Below, you can enter a subject name and condition number to test the MouselabWEB pages. Enter a name you can recognize later, as you will be able to look back at your own data later using the Datalyser. Note that this example has 8 counterbalancing conditions (orders), so depending on the condition number given, you will see one of these 8 orders. The number does not have to be between 0 and 7; any positive whole number will work (e.g., 10 will give you condition 3).

Subject name:
Condition number:

Inspecting and replaying the data

The php-version of mouselabWEB allows for downloading and viewing the data using a the Datalyser program. The Datalyser can also replay data of participants, which is a nice feature to inspect individual processes of participants.

You can browse to the Datalyser of the demo experiment here .

Downloading demo scripts

The demo scripts can be downloaded as a zip file here:



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