MouselabWEB Datalyser

Part of MouselabWEB, version 1.00beta

This screen enables you to download data in CSV (comma separated values) format. This is a textfile format in which each field is enclosed in brackets (") and separated by commas. Such a file can be read by most statistical programs. If the unpack events box is checked, the program will unpack the process data (whether it is in XML or CSV format in the database) into a list of events.

The download and process selected button allows to download processed data that can be analyzed directly. It will delete acquisitions below the threshold, will calculate time and frequency columns for each box on the screen, and will summarize data in divisions.

Disclaimer: The processing module has not been checked extensively for the 1.00beta version! Check whether the output is consistent with the event files.

The Show Table button allows you to look at the data in one table, either unpacked or as is. The Playback allows for playback of participants in one of the experiments. This button wil open a new page in which you can select a participant from the list.

Password: For any action you do on this page, a password is required. Type the password before pressing a button. This prevents unauthorized users that browse to this page from actually reading your data!

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Unpack events

Threshold (ms)
divisions (1=all, 2=halfs ect.):