Research Applications

MouselabWEB is a web-based version of MouseLab, which has been developed in the eighties for the DOS PC. MouseLab is still available and can still be used on modern PCs. More information about this system can be found on the Mouselab page.

On this site you can also find a reference to the Adaptive Decision Maker, by Payne, Bettman and Johnson (1993) that covers much of the MouseLAB web system and the research for which it can be used. Check Eric Johnson's curriculum vitae (see page About Us) for more recent references to work using the MouseLab process tracing paradigm.

MouselabWEB has been tested and used in actual experiments for sind the summer of 2004 in the laboratory and on the Internet. We are currently working on a set of research papers describing these studies. Part of this research has be presented on scientific conferences:

recent publication using mouselabWEB

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