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Martijn Willemsen info at mouselabweb.org
Thu Nov 22 21:59:40 CET 2012

Dear So Man Ho,

ad 1) you script seems fine, though a text input would be better than a 
textareafor this. Are you sure the database is installed and linked 
correctly? If there is no record you cannot recover it.
The problem with your script is also that as you do not provide a 
subject id via the header (XXX.php?subject={something]), all your data 
will be assigned a subject name 'anonymous' and a condnum = -1.
Use the mlwebstart_php.html file from the download package and adapt it. 
That would work better. Also read the manual carefully and if you are 
not knowledgeable about HTML and php, get a student/friend who does and 
let him or her help.

ad 2) Same thing,see the manual and try it out with some example page. 
boxtime is the time a box was opened, boxin the time (in ms) it opened, 
counted from the start of the page loading.



On 20-Nov-12 10:54, So Man Ho wrote:
> Dear Sir/ Madam,
> I am a research assistant from Hong Kong Baptist University and I 
> had been using Mouselab to conduct a research study. Here I have some 
> problems that I hope you may help to solve:
> 1. In the first page I created a text box for participants to fill in 
> their student ID. After collecting data, we found no record of such 
> data. Is there a way to trace back their student ID? Otherwise, how 
> should I design the page in order to record their ID number? (Attached 
> please find the php file for reference.)
> 2. In the dataset, there are variables such as "boxtime" and "boxin". 
> I wonder the exact meanings of them.
> Thanks a lot in advance for any answers.
> Regards,
> Pinky So
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